Artists, curators, and writers from Vienna utilise the typology of the Zocalo as the place for their project at the Biennale in Xalapa. In a city without the Zocalo square, where everything social typically happens, we develop a series of performances, workshops, and exhibitions. A year of art-research supports these site-specific interventions and will contextualise the exhibition as a blog and book publication. This blog is the basis for this publication, a point of exchange for our artistic processes, and a resource for our cultural translations of Mexico for the Vienna Zocalo. Vienna Zocalo is developed over the course of 2010-2011 in the Department of Fashion and Styles at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

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Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

Support for our Project

Siria Gastelum will support our press-team.
Curriculum Vitae:
Siria Gastelum has a Masters in Journalism from Carleton University  
(Canada). She also has a Communications B.A. from the Universidad de  
las Americas-Puebla (Mexico) and has studied media production in the  
University of Leeds, United Kingdom. Ms. Gastelum joined the United  
Nations in 2008 as a programme officer with the International  
Narcotics Control Board (INCB), where she coordinated the  
international launch of the INCB annual report, one of the most  
important UN reports on drugs. As a journalist, she worked most  
recently as a foreign correspondent for one of the largest TV networks  
in the US. She has covered a national election, natural disasters and  
a wide range of social issues, interviewing key decision makers such  
as Mexico’s presidents and leaders of the US Senate. In 2007, she won  
an Emmy Award of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. She has  
also written, directed and produced documentaries that have been  
screened in film festivals around the world. She has also worked as  
the editorial coordinator of a national magazine and written for  
several publications in English and Spanish. Ms. Gastelum has also  
worked as a communications designer implementing awareness campaigns  
for one of Mexico's top universities.

-> see Siria Gastelums Youtube Channel.

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