Artists, curators, and writers from Vienna utilise the typology of the Zocalo as the place for their project at the Biennale in Xalapa. In a city without the Zocalo square, where everything social typically happens, we develop a series of performances, workshops, and exhibitions. A year of art-research supports these site-specific interventions and will contextualise the exhibition as a blog and book publication. This blog is the basis for this publication, a point of exchange for our artistic processes, and a resource for our cultural translations of Mexico for the Vienna Zocalo. Vienna Zocalo is developed over the course of 2010-2011 in the Department of Fashion and Styles at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

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Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

Tina Modotti at Kunsthaus Wien

The exhibition ‘Tina Modotti’ follows the didactical, informal rules of a conventional museum.
Nearby the entrance you find a bold and simple biography, which describes Modotti’s artistic/activist career while also providing a clear outline of her acquaintances.

The hanging of the exhibition is arranged in thematic groups and is dense and space filling. Artistic work and political activism form individually themed groups with their content only occasionally intersecting in the written descriptions of the work.

Although the exhibition is over-filled with artwork and descriptions, a superficial, common impression prevails.

text by Katharina Petru

[] exhibition poster

picture [] by Diana Nenning

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